Just Gotta Ask!

Are you in the market for a new 4WD? Maybe a few accessories to go with it? Many don’t know that you can go into any car dealership and ask for ARB 4×4 accessories. You can even bundle it all into your finance. Yep, you read correctly.


Choose any ARB 4×4 accessory
You can have your new 4WD decked out with an arsenal of ARB gear, as much as you like, straight from the dealer.

We’ll install it for you
Once you’ve chosen your new gear, we’ll install it all for you pre-delivery. Your new 4WD will be off road ready the moment you pick up the keys.

Bundle it into your finance
Unleash the full potential of your new rig with premium ARB protection and serious off road gear all bundled with your new car finance.

Get started now!
Get the ball rolling by having a chat with your dealer or drop into any of our ARB stores for the right advice and a printed quote to take with you to the dealer.